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Tiguan 2.0 TSI Owner feature - Marcus Chan

Owner: Marcus Chan
Occupation: Associate, Marketing and Communications at SGX
Model: Tiguan 2.0 TSI

So how long have you had your Tiguan?

The Tiguan has been with me for the past five years. Enough time for me to collect a lot of good memories with it.

That's nice! Care to share your most memorable experience with us?

When I had to move back home from hall in University, I remember being able to fit all my belongings into the car. So I only needed one trip! I even managed to squeeze a fridge in the back.


Cool. What else do you like about your car besides the versatility?

Where do I start (laughs)? I really enjoy the power it has, which gives me great confidence when I'm driving on the road. Overtaking is easy because of the responsive engine and it handles well for an SUV. It's also a very handsome looking car and I do get compliments for it every now and then.

Is there any interesting trait about the car that makes it special for you?

As a matter of fact there is. The dark green colour I chose is not commonly found on other Tiguan SUVs that I see on the road. I don't think the new ones come in this colour anymore too. It looks black from some angles but has a rich green hue when the light shines on it. I think that makes it cool!