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Touran Sport 1.4 TSI Owner feature - Hudson Neo

Owner: Hudson Neo
Occupation: Laboratory Technician
Model: Volkswagen Touran Sport

You have an interesting job, care to share more?

The company I work for develops additives for lubricative products like engine oil. It's indeed an interesting job, I get to understand what helps an engine run smoother and better.

Working in this industry must mean you appreciate cars to some extent?

Oh yes, I love cars and I really enjoy the performance that a powerful engine can produce.


Like the one in your Touran Sport?

Definitely (grins widely)! I really love the responsiveness of the 170 PS 1.4 TSI engine. It's really so punchy and easy to drive - very enjoyable!

Wow, you sound like you have been having fun behind the wheel of your Touran.

I've had it for three years now and I do travel up to Malaysia regularly. Previously I used to own a Japanese car and overtaking on the North South Highway was a fearful thing. Now with the Touran, the car just flies and is very stable even at high speed. It inspires confidence.

Anything else you like about the Touran?

The flexibility and extra space is always useful. I have a family but I drive to work alone, so the Touran is truly my do-it-all car.