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On the road with animals

On the road with animals

Travelling with pets? With our tips, your four-legged friend is sure to feel right at home while travelling. And you will arrive safely with no nasty surprises. That's a promise!

Six tips

Not sure what to prepare when travelling aboard with your pets? Here are 6 tips that will keep your journey fuss and trouble free.

ID please

Do check with relevant authorities when traveling aboard with your pet. Prepare your pets documentation and submit the documents for approval in advance before your trip.

Expect unpredictability

New impressions, experiences - and often new reactions, too. No animal is entirely predictable. Protect yourself by taking out personal liability and health insurance.

A good start

Give your animal enough to drink prior to departure and feed it for the last time six hours beforehand. This will keep its tummy calm and you will be spared any surprises.

Everything ready and raring to go?

Important vaccinations sometimes need time to take effect. Therefore visit your vet soon enough. You will also discover here how to keep your animal healthy in the country of destination.

Buckle up

A dog weighing 20 kg is roughly as heavy as an elephant in the event of an impact - but much snappier. Therefore get your animal used to belt, net or crate early on.

Good entry

Not every breed is allowed to enter some countries. In other countries, special vaccination regulations apply. Find out, in advance, about the entry regulations for your destination.

Animal luggage

Socks, shoes and your snack for between meals - your four-legged friend is sure to find the content of your suitcase yummy as well. But it needs its own luggage, of course. Our checklist prepares you optimally for your journey with your animal.

The following should be taken:
  • Food, water bottle, bowl
  • Brush, comb
  • Basket or blanket, towel
  • Toys
  • First aid kit
  • Lead, collar, muzzle
  • Name tag with contact details
  • Poo bags
  • Third-party liability insurance number and EU pet passport


Our checklists do not claim to be complete and are therefore not exhaustive.