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Car Club

Enjoy a free membership without any registration charges when you rent our cars!

Need to drive, but your car's not available? We know this can sometimes happen. Take advantage of our exclusive partnership with Car Club to ensure you can always keep moving. In fact, you needn't even book a car for the whole day; your rental options begin from one hour! 

Your free membership brings you a host of benefits, conveniences and flexibility:

  • Over 110 car-sharing stations conveniently located islandwide
  • Easy 24/7 access to over 230 cars
  • Flexible hourly or daily car usage rates, from one hour onwards
  • Rates include petrol and insurance
  • Advance reservation 60 days to 15 mins before pick up (subject to availability)
  • Convenient self-serve online reservation platform or mobile app, with instant confirmation by SMS and email
  • Designated parking lots for pick up and return


Simply fill up the form in the link below.

Your exclusive Volkswagen owner's rates

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Rates apply to usage in Singapore only. Usage in West Malaysia incurs a $30 surcharge per trip. 
  2. Petrol cost and motor insurance are included in the time charges and distance charges. Members do not need to pay for petrol refuelling.
  3. Best rate policy applies. If more than one rate type(s) is applicable to your car use, the lowest rate will automatically be applied.
  4. Vehicle make and model are for reference only and subject to change including changing of vehicle groups.
  5. Car Club will arrange for a S$1.10 authorisation hold on the member's credit card. This is only a hold, there is no charge on the card.

After clicking the link below, you will be redirected to the website of Car Club. Volkswagen Singapore is not responsible for the privacy practices of websites operated by third parties that are linked to our website. Please refer to the privacy policies of Car Club over here for information about how your Data will be handled. 

Register for your free Car Club membership here.