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Volkswagen Arteon - Art on Wheels

Text by Jackson Toh. Photos by Barry Tan9tro.


Singapore - The Lunar New Year for the majority of people who celebrate it around the world symbolises renewal as well as the start of spring and in 2018, the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Dog. I for one particularly relish this time of year as it allows me to gorge myself silly on traditional snacks at the homes of my extended family.

But of course devouring their snacks does come with a price that's pegged to my job. Everyone - (Insert random Uncle, Aunt, Cousin or Friend) - will eventually ask, "so what car should I buy/what's the latest car you have test-driven". Yup, I get that every year without fail and usually I retort with a snide remark like, "well, it depends on how deep your wallet is".

This year though was a little different, having just freshly test-drove the new Volkswagen Arteon, I found it to be the perfect answer for several of my uncles who were considering to change their expiring Toyota Camrys for a German built machine but didn't want something that would set their finances on fire. Enter the Arteon.


Priced at SGD$217,400 (as of 23 February 2018) this could very well be VW's new flagship halo car. One, its looks, spotting a new front facade that has horizontal chrome bars running from the grille and segmenting the headlamps, it give the Arteon a menacing presence which gets even better when fitted with the R-Line kit. The clamshell bonnet also features a series of creases that at the sides that escalate the Veedub's stance. 

At the side you would start to see a shade of the current generation Passat CC, though the Arteon is not a successor to the former though the (Audi A5) Sportback resemblance is undeniable. At the rear we see even more Passat CC elements though to be fair to the Arteon its on a much larger and upmarket scale. 

Kudos too to VW for registering the test-drive unit in the Arteon's signature Kurkuma Yellow Metallic paint job that was a visual treat for motorist and pedestrians as well. On a whole, nothing in VW's stable looks quite like the Arteon, its avant-garde, aggressively styled with dimensions that would dwarf many other cars on the road.

Two, like its exterior, the cabin of the Arteon is alight with touches of artistic flair, from the centre console mounted analogue clock (a Passat hallmark) to the three chrome bars that stretch across most of the front dash to the acres of piano black and aluminium trimmings.

All the usual VW niceties are here too like a full digital instrument cluster that displays all the essentials and a massive infotainment screen on the centre console that even packs performance gauges! Oh yes, and unlike the A5 Sportback, the Arteon has a much roomier rear bench with more than adequate headroom, the seats front and back are just as comfortable and supportive - perfect for long drives.

Boot space is just as expected from a car this size, its immense, we could easily fit double our photographic equipment and still have enough room for two luggage bags and that's with the seats still up!


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