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Golf lite

Text by Thunder Storm, Storm.

Swinging into the COE Category A model are two more Volkswagen Golfs - the 1.2 TSI and the 1.4 TSI (EQP), which boasts an enhanced equipment package. When it's small you've got to enhance it as much as you can to stand out in a crowd. The 1.2 TSI tested here offers that Golf drive which is assured, nippy and smooth considering it's got a small engine that works hard to deliver 175Nm of torque from 1400rpms. The start up is reasonably responsive (provided you're not in Auto Hold mode when it becomes a bit less reactive to your right foot) and raspier and quicker in Sport mode. The fruits of its labour - it chugs up to 100kmh in just over 10 seconds. Gear shifts, courtesy of the somewhat troubled double-clutch DSG system (there was a recent recall of over 6,000 units), are generally smooth in the test drive car, though lurchy at times as it hunts for the right gear in city traffic.


Packed with technological features - multicollision brake system, electronic stabilization programme, seven airbags, XDS electronic differential lock and auto hold - it's got loads onboard to tempt those willing to splash the dosh on a new set of entry-level wheels.

Roomy for its size and with a capacious boot, to boot, the Golf is an efficient runaround car. With firm seats that, alas, require manual adjustment, a 5-inch touchscreen offering basic features hooked up to a reasonable sound system, you'll find this a nifty car for city driving.

Tech Specifications

Engine: turbocharged DOHC 16 valves
Capacity: 1197cc
Max Power: 78kW@4500-5500rpm
Max Torque: 175Nm@1400-4000rpm
Transmission: 7-speed DSG
Efficiency: 5.0L/100km
CO2: 115g/km
0-100kmh: 10.2 seconds
Top Speed: 192kmh