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Golfing for more

Photos by Low Fai Ming. Text by Nicholas Low, sgCarMart.

The Golf 1.2 confronts the prettier and pricier Golf 1.4 EQP. We find out if the better-equipped EQP is worth the extra penny.

The seventh generation Volkswagen Golf has won many battles, triumphing other makes and models in fiercely contested international awards. Just as it adds more decorations under its belt that speak of its brilliant engineering and compelling overall package, it caters to different needs of individuals by expanding horizontally within its own model range. Now, as we speak, no less than four variants of the Golf are offered here on our shores.

And sometimes, the closest and fiercest battles are fought in the backyard.

The term 'family feud' couldn't have been more apt here. The Golf 1.4 EQP and the Golf 1.2 are two of the most recent to join the lineup - excluding the excruciatingly fast Golf R, which is quite a wee bit off the comparison scale in terms of price and performance.


First, we need to firm up which is which.

The EQP variant comes with daytime running LEDs, 18-inch rims, sunroof, and a 1.4-litre unit that churns out 122bhp and 200Nm of torque.

On the other hand, the base Golf does without the LED lights and sunroof, comes with 16-inch running shoes and a smaller 1.2-litre unit that manages a more measly 104 horses and 175Nm of torque. It also comes with smaller 16-inch running shoes and without LED lights and sunroof.

Just like how someone with the right glasses will look smarter and more intellectual, the EQP is easily the 'looker' of the twins with its bespectacled daytime running lights.

It may not even be the crown jewel of the family - the iconic Golf GTI or, for some, the most potent Golf R currently reigns that spot. But with goodies such as the sunroof, larger and better-looking rims and more horses at your disposal, its appeal is almost irresistible.

Moreover, the Golf 1.2 isn't just a low-cost option. The engine is actually a sweet little marvel that feels ever ready every time. In fact, the 1.2 feels no less perky, and is as lively as its bigger and more powerful 1.4-litre stablemate.

There is no doubt that we love the EQP's dolled up looks. But talk is cheap, and nothing beats a sound buying decision. For that, we'll have to put our money on the base Golf because this time round, less is simply more.

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