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This “selfish” Volkswagen car is approved by friends and family!

Text by Deborah Tan, Material World.

A car is only as good as the people riding in it. Deborah Tan gets her friends and family to give their honest opinions about the Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet from Volkswagen Das WeltAuto.

It's true. The only cars I've ever test driven for this website come from Volkswagen. I feel I have to be completely transparent and explain why this is the case:


  1. Volkswagen is the only car brand to regularly extend test-drive invites to Material World.
  2. Volkswagen gives each journalist - no matter if you come from a lifestyle title or a motoring one - enough time to test drive a car. What this means is that we have the time and opportunity to really see how the car fits in with our target audience's life and how it performs under "everyday" circumstances. If I do get an invite from another brand to test-drive its cars, I usually try to find out just how much time I'd be given. If I'm only allowed to take it around the block, I don't test the car at all because I feel my review would be inadequate and unfair to both the brand and the reader.
  3. I am not obliged to write a review for every car that I test drive - only the ones that make a strong enough impression on me make it to the Material World readers.
  4. And if you're wondering why car reviews only come from me, it's because I'm the only one with a licence on a team.

In today's case, however, this review is done in conjunction with Volkswagen Das WeltAuto's (DWA) previous collaboration with Material World to raise awareness of the benefits of buying a secondhand car. One of the things DWA wants to highlight is how it is more "economical" to buy a lifestyle car through a secondhand car dealer.

Given that cars like cabriolets (ones you can take the top down) and coupes (two-door cars) are usually perceived as too "fancy" in their designs for families, they are considered the rides of choice for people who don't have squeeze in a child-seat or ferry people around. Not surprisingly, many people also nickname these cars, "selfish cars".

But, I beg to differ. I test drove a pre-owned Golf Cabriolet for 3 days and I think all those who benefitted from the experience can attest that it is anything but "selfish". So, instead of your regular performance-based review (by the way, the Golf Cab drives beautifully), I noted down the reactions and comments made by all who had the chance to ride in the car during the 3 days I spent with it.

1. The Material World team

Vanessa:"Riding in a car with its top down was such an exhilarating experience. I felt alive and full of adrenaline! I love the feel of the sun and wind on my skin. When I first sat in the car, all I wanted to do was raise my hands high up in the air and wave at everyone! In fact, I think I did wave at someone when we stopped at the traffic light. The guy just opened his eyes in shock. Hahaha!"

"I felt a little bashful and exposed initially. But as the car sped up on the expressway, I experienced this rush of empowerment and giddying liberation. THIS MUST BE WHAT FREEDOM FEELS LIKE!!"

"Sitting in the car made me wish we were cruising down the autobahn in Germany. And it wasn't as noisy as I thought it would be! I had thought the wind would be roaring in my ears but it wasn't so. I think it's made riding in a car an experience rather than just something functional like getting from Point A to Point B!"

2. The Husband

"I FELT LIKE A 16 YEAR OLD ALL OVER AGAAAAAIINNNNNN!!!!" Pause. "Wait, are you really going to put that in?"

3. The Sister

"Does it mean that whenever I sit in this car I have to hold my hair back with a hairband??? Oh wait. When you sit in the front, it's not so bad. My hair isn't being blown all over the place. Wow. Not bad at all…. "

4. The Nephew (aged 3)

"Auntie Deborah … I really like your car … Your car is soooooo nice … Auntie Deborah … I really like your car …"

5. The Niece (aged 6)

"I FEEL VERY HAPPY!!! I like that the wind blows my hair around!!! AND I CAN FEEL THE CAR GOING VERY FAST!!! AAAAAARRRGH!!!"

As you can see, the Golf Cabriolet may be considered a lifestyle car but it doesn't mean it's incapable of making the people in your life happy. Whether it's buying it brand new or pre-owned, the Golf Cabriolet is definitely one of the most competitively priced cabriolets in the market. And, since it's part of the Volkswagen Golf family, you can definitely count on it for performance and reliability. For me, I love that it did not feel, smell or look like a secondhand car. Personally, I'm one of those who are usually NOT inclined to buy a secondhand car because I can't help but wonder how much of the previous owner would be "left" in the vehicle (if you like your stuff brand new, you'll know what I mean by that). But Volkswagen Das WeltAuto did a good job at servicing the car both inside and out, and I never once thought this pre-owned version was in any way less than a brand new model.

After learning more about the pros of buying a secondhand car from the experts at Volkswagen Das WeltAuto, I would say if I were to really buy a Golf Cabriolet, I'd get it from them.