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Pukka For Those City Chukkas - VW Polo

Text by Thunder Storm, Storm.

If you fancy a small city runner that is agile and adequate for most needs, the new 1.2-litre Volkswagen Polo would be a good option.

The compact runt of the VW litter here is endowed with enough pace - once you've poked a bit harder at the accelerator - and is nimble as it handles curves and sprints. While its 0-100kmh sprint is not exceptional at 10.8 seconds, it is decent for urban commutes.

The parsimonious consumption means you get a lot out of a full tank. The engine stop/start feature, which is becoming common in most cars, is generally not as obvious as in other cars that are quieter. However, in instances when you've come to a stop and have the opportunity to start up again very soon after, you can be faced with a short period of inaction as the engine stops and then suddenly has to scramble to start up again.


Being a small car, bigger occupants will have to actually duck in to avoid connecting with the B pillar. The utilitarian set up offers very little by way of electrical support though there are features that would be lacking in many other entry-level models from other brands. The seats are manually adjusted and that wretched knob to recline the seat is going to damage lots of nails. There are electric mirrors, though, if you needed to, you could pretty much reach across and mess with them. There is a touchscreen display which offers access to limited functionality.

If you're expecting lots of features, well, the Polo isn't big on that. Well, it's not big, so don't expect anything grand, either.

But, while it's tiny, it is fast enough and has actually got a decent boot that can take one big piece of luggage.

There are back doors, and backseats. But if you've got big folks in the front, then, the rear is really only good for yogis sitting cross-legged and nervously humming for a safe journey.


Engine: 16 valves
Capacity: 1,197cc
Max Power: 90kW@4800rpm
Max Torque: 160Nm@1400-3500rpm
Transmission: 7-speed
Efficiency: 4.7L/100km
CO2: 109g/km
0-100kmh: 10.8 seconds
Top Speed: 184kmh


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