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Tour of duty - Volkswagen Touran

Text by Kannan Chandran, Storm.

It takes to its role perhaps a little too well.

Volkswagen's Touran is angular and has an air of functionality about it that is oddly appealing. Appealing if you want to move seven people about, or carry a load as part of your daily activity.

In this regard, this is a wagon that delivers more than effectively. The 1.4-litre engine lugs with some grunting, but it does the job. This is not a drag racer. It's not quite a drag either, but it makes no bones about the fact that practicality can be offered in spades.
The Touran is built on the MQB (Modular Transverse Matrix) platform, which allows it to pinch bits and pieces off other models to give it that value-added feel. It's the homely aunty that cooks beyond belief.


And so it is with the Touran, which tends to your needs in a way that you almost take for granted. There are loads of storage spaces in the car to stash all manner of things. From little pop-up spots in the dashboard to collapsible seats that will let you carry a large rug or haul furniture about if need be.

Driving the Touran is an easy enough affair. Don't expect it to rush about, though if you put it in Sport mode it could show a bit of an elevated pulse as it gets to 100kmh in under 10 seconds.

The Touran tries its level best to make up for areas that it may be lacking in. And it strives to do this using technology.

Connectivity to mobile devices is generally impressive, though at times it does tend to misbehave. Presuming that anyone wanting seven seats must be hauling precious cargo, the safety features are tossed in almost extravagantly. From post-collision braking to blind spot warning lights on the wing mirrors, front assist, which brakes in the event of an imminent collision to the pre-crash proactive occupant protection system, there's so much working in the background to ensure the road ahead is safe.

You'll be happy touring your precious load about in the Touran.

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