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Commercial vehicles


The top-quality range of Volkswagen commercial vehicles offers the best in technology, performance and efficiency. Just like Volkswagen passenger cars, all Volkswagen commercial vehicles are built with safety and reliability in mind.

They also offer tremendous flexibility through a wide range of customisable features for your business needs. There are many options for customisation such as shelves, partitions and storage boxes for the interior, as well as different exterior colours.

Why purchase a lorry, when a Volkswagen van offers is as spacious and versatile, while offering much better security? Contact us at 9023 5689 to make an inquiry about a Volkswagen commercial vehicle today.

The Transporter

Now in its fifth generation, the legendary Volkswagen Transporter retains all the strengths of its predecessors like reliability and a roomy interior, but it now also comes with state of the art engines, gearboxes and safety systems. For instance, it is the only vehicle in its class to be fitted as standard with Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP), an essential safety aid when you consider the many different kinds of loads a full-sized van can carry. With its powerful yet fuel-efficient TDI diesel engines, the Transporter deals easily with all kinds of cargo.

In standard wheelbase form, the Transporter has a maximum cargo volume of 5,800 litres, and with the long wheelbase, it is able to carry a best-in-segment 6,700 litres of cargo.

The Caddy

Building on our legacy of delivering great commercial vehicles, the Caddy is functional, comfortable and versatile. The Caddy is designed to give you everything your business needs from a compact van with a professional style.

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