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The Golf

The quintessential hatchback

"One of the hallmarks of a Volkswagen Golf over its many years of production has been its straightforward nature. The car is unpretentious, simple to operate, and gets the job done in a rather rewarding way. While there will always be consumers who will gravitate toward their comfort zones of buying utilitarian, point A to B cars, the Golf will definitely appeal to a more contemporary group of consumers who can appreciate the higher levels of build quality, better driving engagement, and overall performance offered by the Golf."

The Golf is timeless for a reason. Explore the ins and outs of this icon with Road Pilgrim! 

The Golf GTI

This icon needs no introduction

"But legality and sensible-ness will fade into irrelevance once find a large piece of empty tarmac, or some decent twisty roads. Open up the throttle, hustle the chassis through a sequence of bends and you'll find a gem of a car. An 'affordable', fast, capable AND practical hatchback - what more do you want, or need, in a car?"

If its edge you want, its edge you'll get. Experience this icon in action through the Motorist SG's comprehensive review! 

The Golf R

No competition for this performance hatchback

"R performance torque vectoring in the rear wheels has transformed the handling, and is standard for the Mk8 R. Whereas older Rs tended to understeer, the Mk8 R has a keenly neutral handling balance with a propensity for the rear to pivot positively to throttle inputs. This is an incredible sensation that gives the car adjustability and interaction like never before. Even without all-wheel steering, the agility of the Mk8 R is spellbinding."

Worthy of its R nomenclature? Oneshift surely agrees. Read on more in the article below!

The Arteon

A masterful performance with every drive

"Between the extravagant curves and the sculpted face whose grille and headlights intermingle so smoothly, the Arteon is still an arty one.

Its slinky silhouette disguises a dirty secret, too, which is that for something so stylish it is an unfeasibly practical car. It'll seat five adults easily, and there's room under the tailgate for 563 litres of stuff."

Who said art can't be practical? The Business Times provides insight on this masterpiece and more!

The ID.4

Go green with the ultimate comfort cruiser

"Thanks to the dedicated electric platform on which the ID.4 sits, rear passengers too have massive amounts of space to play with at the back. Even with the sloping roofline and panoramic glass roof, headroom for taller-than-average occupants is assured.

Another plus point is the legroom, which is practically voluminous for a five-seater crossover. With a flat floor and a small rear centre console, three full-size adults can sit at the back fairly comfortably."

Sit back and relax. Get to know more about this electric marvel with the Motorist SG!

The ID.4 GTX

Putting the X factor in electric

"In the GTX, you're never left wanting for pace. It feels sprightlier than what is suggested on paper, and is always rearing to go off the line. In-gear acceleration is also strong.

It also has decent handling paired with a chassis that's set up for mild understeer, so it will put down its power with aplomb while never making the driver feel out of control. In that sense, it's very predictable, and very VW."

Get a taste of the future. Explore more with Oneshift's comprehensive review!

The Touareg

Redefining the SUV standard

"Now that's all well and good but what we really need to talk about is how this 2022 Touareg is the most intelligent and technologically advanced vehicle that's rolled off VW's production line to date. 

Inside, it's far more refined than ever and the impressive tech begins and ends with the new 360° Area View system, which makes a host of new features possible."

Anything is possible with the Touareg. Don't just take it from us - find out more from Robb Report!

The Caddy 5

Your go-to business partner

"If you are looking for a commercial vehicle for your business, the Caddy sure seems like an excellent choice - there's plenty of utility, and the diesel engine sips on fuel (resulting in a truly impressive range, along with cost savings). And there's probably the biggest selling point of the Caddy - it's car-like dynamics offer an effortless and comfortable drive that you don't usually expect from a van in its class."

Discover more about this utilitarian powerhouse in this article from SGCarmart!

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