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Celebrating a 50 year legacy

Iconic evolution, irreplaceable memories.
As we etch another chapter into the legacy of this timeless classic, stay tuned as we unveil a full series of fascinating Golf facts!

The history of the Golf



The original icon - the Golf. A game changer since 1974, it continues to redefine and challenge the standards for hatchbacks everywhere. 

As we lead up to celebrate its 50th birthday, let's return to the humble beginnings of this timeless classic.



Golf GTI: The quintessential performance hatchback



While the Golf GTI is now a revolutionary variant that is driven by innovation, it first started from a vision to blend everyday practicality with the rebellious essence of a racing force. 

Hop on and understand how this thrilling hatchback came to be.







As the Golf GTI's legacy continues to shine on, let's take a look into the precise engineering and innovation that powers this rebel with a cause.



Famous Golf Owners




When an icon finds itself in the hands of other icons, greatness is inevitable.

Find out if any of your favourite celebrities are behind the wheel of this timeless classic! 



The Golf in TV and Film




The Golf is no stranger to the spotlight. Who said this world-class performance was only meant for the road? 

Take a look at the iconic moments when the Golf made a special appearance.



Special edition Golf




From limited runs to unique features, these Golfs are in a league of their own. 

Which special edition Golf caught your eye?



More on the Golf

Fore! The VW Golf Turns 50

The VW Golf, arguably the world’s most iconic hatchback, celebrates its big five-oh in 2024.

"The venerable VW Golf hatchback turns 50 this year. However, there's still a spring in the current iteration's step that belies the blaze of glory on its birthday cake, especially with one candle used for each of its 50 years."

The Volkswagen Golf R-Line could be the car that you never knew you needed

It has a crazy good fuel economy to power ratio.

"So, this is the Volkswagen Golf R-Line, which, as described in our earlier news story from July 2023, is powered by a 130 horsepower, 1.5-litre turbo petrol engine. Here's why we think that it's one of the most practical cars to own and drive in Singapore right now."

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