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MOON POWER is an innovative subsidiary of Porsche Holding Salzburg that develops EV charging solutions for Volkswagen Group Singapore customers.

Our vision is a sustainable future!

Are you ready to get started with e-mobility?

About MOON

Is there a more beautiful symbol than the moon?


The roots of Porsche and MOON POWER GmbH share an electric beginning. In 1898, Ferdinand Porsche pioneered the wheel hub motor, the world's first all-wheel-drive system, applying for a patent. Over 70 years later, this innovation inspired the design of the Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV), the first car on the moon, reflecting the necessity of battery power in oxygen-limited environments. This historical connection led Allmobil GmbH to rebrand its offerings under the name MOON POWER in 2018, symbolizing its commitment to electromobility.

The Birth of MOON POWER GmbH

Recognizing the need for independent management of comprehensive energy solutions, MOON POWER GmbH was founded in Salzburg in October 2021 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Porsche Holding Salzburg, starting with 23 employees.


The potential of MOON POWER was already recognized in other parts of Europe before the company was founded. Thus, it came to the establishment of franchise companies since 2019. To date, MOON POWER is represented in 23 different European countries. In addition to the independent limited liability companies in Austria and Germany, MOON is active in: Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Chile, France, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Malaysia and Singapore.

MOON charging solutions

Revolutionising power

Looking for the right way to charge your electric car?

Discover the perfect charging solution tailored to your needs with MOON expertise and cutting-edge technology.

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