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Essential Bundles


Exclusive offers on common wear & tear parts

Get your aero wipers, brake discs & brake pads at 25% discount when you purchase our Essential Bundle.

Genuine Brakes Package
Your brakes won’t fail you

Our Volkswagen Genuine Brakes are adjusted according to engine performance, vehicle weight and your model’s maximum speed. Your advantages: Long service life and braking comfort with minimum wear. The brakes are designed for your Volkswagen and together with brake discs and blocks, they interact with your brake system. For quality that goes beyond the statutory braking standard, ECE-R90.

Genuine Aero Wipers
Ensuring a clear view in rain

With our aero wipers, you can keep a clear eye on the road – and at high speeds, too, thanks to their aerodynamic and smooth shape. And just in case you do need new wipers one day, despite their incredibly long service life: Don't deliberate.

Tyres Rotation
Maximizing the lifespan

Periodically rotating the tyres of your vehicle will ensure that the wear is spread evenly across all tyres, maximizing their tread life. With even tread wear, it can help to keep traction and handling consistent across all tyres; improving cornering, braking performance and keep your vehicle safer for driving overall.

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