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Essential Bundles

Volkswagen Essential Bundles

Save with great discounts on essential parts.

Essential Bundle Discounts

Upkeep your Volkswagen with these Essential Bundles curated to lower the cost of your car ownership.

Terms and Conditions:
Discount is only applicable on Parts, excluding labour. 

Genuine Aero Wipers

Designed with an aerodynamic shape and fitted with sponge blades resistant to environmental influences - UV rays, ozone, heat, cold, acid rain, dirt and grime - making it easy to clean and clear your screen.

Genuine Brakes Pads & Discs

Developed for comfortable and reliable use, genuine-part Brake Pads & Discs are adjusted for your Volkswagen’s engine performance and maximum speed.

Tyre Rotation

Tyre Rotation evens the tread wear of your tyres, improving traction and maximising their lifespan. With even tread wear, your Volkswagen will always be ready to smoothly take corners and brake precisely.

Genuine Battery

Your Volkswagen’s genuine Battery delivers just the right amount of energy your vehicle needs to power up and power on journeys. Packaged with 2-year Warranty & Battery Coding to ensure a smooth start-stop and improve fuel efficiency.

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