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Owners and Service

Owners and Service

Welcome to the Volkswagen family!

Learn everything you need to know about your vehicle and our services here.

Aftersales Promises

3-Year Free Servicing

For the ultimate peace of mind, all new Volkswagen cars are entitled to 3-year free service maintenance. The 3-year free servicing covers all maintenance costs with the exception of work done on wear-and-tear parts such as brake pads, windscreen wipers and bulbs.

1st Service: 15,000 km or 1 year.*

2nd Service: 30,000 km or 2 years.*

3rd Service: 45,000 km or 3 years.*

*Whichever comes first.

5-Year Warranty

All new Volkswagen cars come with a 5-year / 100,000 km warranty.

Find out more about the full terms and conditions here.

Service Appointment Promise

All regular servicing appointments will be made within two working days upon phone confirmation.

Terms and conditions apply.

24-hour Roadside Assistance

If, despite all caution and quality, a breakdown does happen, we can assist you. Find out more about our services and how we can help in the event of a breakdown/accident here.

Reach us at +65 6333 8800

Terms and conditions apply.

Genuine Parts & Certified Staff

Genuine Parts

Rest assured that your Volkswagen is in good hands. Only  Volkswagen Genuine Parts® are used for all our repair work, so your vehicle stays 100% Volkswagen, always. 

Certified Staff 

Our qualified Technicians and Service Advisors are trained under the stringent supervision of the Volkswagen headquarters in Germany so you can rest easy knowing your Volkswagen is in safe and capable hands.

Service and Repair

All our technicians are experts in their field. They're fully trained and only use Volkswagen Genuine Parts®. Afterall, no one knows your Volkswagen better than the people who make it.

Collision Repair

Our one-stop collision solution helps ease your worries and lessens the hassle thanks to Volkswagen's high standards of service, workmanship, and quality.

Learn more about collision repair

Owners’ Perks

Enjoy exciting deals and benefits as a valued Volkswagen owner.

Learn more about owners' perks

Service Offers and Promotions

Check out our latest service offers and promotions

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Genuine Parts

Our Genuine Parts are specially developed for your Volkswagen. 

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Genuine Merchandise

Create your own style with our Lifestyle Merchandise.

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