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Rewarding your journey: Exclusive loyalty savings
Unlock up to $2,000 off on your next car purchase

At Volkswagen Group Singapore, loyalty is more than just belonging-it's about being recognised and rewarded. Starting today, navigate through an exclusive path paved with substantial savings and unique experiences, specially tailored for you. Enjoy up to $2,000 off on your next vehicle purchase, a token of our appreciation for your continued loyalty.

Loyalty program perks

Your dedication to Volkswagen Group Singapore earns you more than just a car; it grants you access to unparalleled privileges. Our Loyalty Programme is designed to celebrate your continuous journey with us, offering exclusive benefits, a personalised incentive structure, and most importantly, our heartfelt gratitude.

Your exclusive savings are just a click away. Seize this opportunity to deepen your relationship with Volkswagen Group Singapore, and let your loyalty unlock a world of rewards. Embrace an elevated driving experience that commemorates your commitment to us with every mile.

Discover your benefits

Tiers 2nd vehicle 3rd vehicle 4th vehicle onwards
Benefits $1,000 cash discount $1,500 cash discount $2,000 cash discount

Vehicles: From registration date of the 1st vehicle until relinquishment of ownership of a VGS vehicle.

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Terms & Conditions


  1. The Loyalty program is valid effectively from 1st January 2024 onwards.

  2. The Customer must be aged 18 and above and must have a valid driving license.

  3. Entitled to participate in the Loyalty program are customers who own a Volkswagen Group Singapore vehicle and their direct family members including parents, spouse, and children only. 

  4. The Customer must present the LTA LOG card of his/her VGS vehicle for the direct family members to participate in the Loyalty program.

  5. The Customer is eligible for tier benefits only if they purchase their 1st vehicle from Volkswagen Group Singapore. 

  6. The Customer is responsible for providing the full and accurate information requested by the company in connection with the program. Such information includes but is not limited to vehicle registration date and mileage.

  7. The Loyalty program is a standalone program and shall not overlap with other incentive programs.

  8. The approval of the Sales General Manager and Sales Manager will be necessary on a case-by-case basis for the Loyalty program.

  9. The company reserves the right to add, delete, or change any of these Terms and Conditions at any time. In the event of any inconsistency between any marketing material and these terms and conditions, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail insofar as it is related to this program.
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