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Exterior From the newly designed headlights and bumpers to the expressive LED tail light cluster - the Golf strikes a confidence appearance and moulds its own design class.


The slim headlights, which protrude high on the wing, and the bumpers, which are flattened towards the bottom, give the Golf a particularly flat, dynamic look. In combination with its generously proportioned wheelbase and short overhangs, its zesty silhouette with the characteristic C-pillar oozes a verve that is worthy of a Golf. At the tail, the powerfully elegant contours, rear diffuser and confident-looking LED tail light cluster delight.

Interior Space meets comfort, meets quality, meets new technologies. All of this awaits you inside the Golf – with a single goal: to make every journey as relaxed as possible.


The interior of the Golf impresses with its generous proportions, which offer both front and rear occupants plenty of leg room. The vehicle interior is also distinguished by universally high-quality materials and a wide range of intelligent detailed solutions, which impress both in terms of appearance and haptics. These include, for example, the ergonomic seats, roomy luggage compartment and centre console, which is tilted slightly towards the driver and is extremely user-friendly thanks to its special ergonomic design.

Lights The light design in the Golf has nothing to hide, and you can choose from several attractive versions.

Halogen and LED lights

The LED headlights make the most of the design of the Golf. They are energy-efficient and their spectrum, which is similar to daylight, is easier on your eyes. On the Golf Highline, the tail light cluster features sequential turn signals: an animated strip of lights that indicates the direction in which you are going to turn.

Infotainment Whether you need to make a call while driving, require current traffic information, want to reach your destination using the navigation system or simply want to listen to your own music – your Golf offers various possibilities for using modern technology easily and in an uncomplicated way.

New generation of infotainment systems

The Composition Media radio on the Golf Comfortline has eight loudspeakers. It features a CD drive and comes with all the connection options of the radio listed above. In addition, an attractive 8-inch colour touchscreen makes it especially convenient to operate.

The systems is also equipped with a diversity aerial, which ensures good reception even under difficult conditions. All Golf models come with Bluetooth and a USB port as standard.

Discover Pro with gesture control

The Discover Pro navigation system on the Golf Highline offers innovative gesture control across a 9.2-inch touch screen. This allows you to change from one radio station to another or change the system settings in your car, such as the intensity of the interior lighting, with a single hand movement. It also features eight speakers, FM radio, a CD drive that can also play music in MP3, AAC and WMA format, two SD card slots, AUX-IN and USB ports and a Bluetooth connection for mobile phones.

Smartphone connectivity With App-Connect, three innovative technologies that allow you to bring smartphone apps onto your infotainment system’s touchscreen: MirrorLink™, Android Auto™ from Google, and Apple CarPlay™.


The App-Connect function (standard from the Golf Comfortline onwards) makes it possible for you to easily connect your smartphone to the car's infotainment system - this helps to reduce distraction to the driver while still allowing them to be connected on the go. Approved apps can be operated on your mobile telephone via the touch screen.

Driver assistance The intelligent driver assistance systems in your Golf ensure more driving comfort and can help you deal with critical situations very well or even avoid them. Even if you only notice this technology on rare occasions, it feels good to know that it is there.

Park Assist

The semi-automated parking assistance system manoeuvring into or out of tight parking spaces is featured on the Golf R-Line. Manoeuvring with pinpoint accuracy into perpendicular and parallel parking spaces - and back out again - is made a lot easier. The driver simply needs to operate the accelerator and brake and keep an eye on the surroundings; the system takes care of steering, within its limits. At any point in time, the driver can interrupt the parking manoeuvre and regain control of the steering wheel.

Blind Spot Sensor with Rear Traffic Alert

Newly available on the Golf Highline and above is the Blind Spot Sensor with Rear Traffic Alert system. The system is active at speeds above 30 km/h and monitors traffic behind for a range of 20 metres via radar sensors. If, during the intended lane change, the radar detects a vehicle in the area not visible to the driver or that is approaching fast from behind, the system alerts the driver with a visual signal in the exterior mirror. Rear Traffic Alert comes to the driver's aid when reversing out of a parking space with restricted visibility - it detects approaching vehicles within a certain area and sounds an audible warning. If need be, the system can even brake the vehicle within its own limits to ideally prevent a collision or at least reduce the severity of the impact.

Technology The modern engine technology in your Golf is characterised by economy, high torque and power. It is exactly right for you if you like driving and drive a lot, but still want to keep your consumption down.

Turbocharged TSI engine

TSI petrol engines feature impressive performance and efficiency. You benefit from maximum torque even at low engine speeds. The combination of low displacement with a turbocharger and direct fuel injection creates a very even transmission of power in these powertrains. Downsizing technology is used to achieve this, allowing the engines to produce high performance despite relatively low displacement.

Driving profile selection

The driving profile selection (standard on the Golf Comfortline onwards) lets you change the way the Golf drives at the touch of a button. The system makes adjustments to the engine, steering, gearbox, air-conditioning and even the headlights. Three pre-set modes and the customisable 'Individual' mode are available.

For example, the ECO driving profile helps drivers to be environmentally conscious and save fuel whilst driving. To achieve this, it adapts the engine performance and activates the start/stop system if it is not already active, as well as other features. The driving profile also regulates the air conditioning and thermal management systems to optimise fuel and energy consumption. The mode also selects earlier switching points and activates energy-saving coasting as often as possible.

Active Info Display

The Golf is the first hatchback in the Volkswagen line-up to offer the Active Info Display (AID). This is a fully digitalised instrument cluster with numerous interactive functions. All of the instruments are displayed via software on the 12.3-inch colour screen, and navigation data can be displayed in 2D or 3D. The 1,440 x 540 pixel resolution also enables extremely precise and sophisticated representation of all details.

Servicing and warranty Every Volkswagen model comes with the following coverage.

All Volkswagen models come with a 3-year free service maintenance package:

  • 15,000 km or 1 year (whichever comes first)
  • 30,000 km or 2 years (whichever comes first)
  • 45,000 km or 3 years (whichever comes first)

Vehicles purchased after 1st April 2017 come with comprehensive warranty coverage of up to 5 years or 100,000km mileage (whichever comes first). For more warranty information, please click here.

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