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A dynamic driving experience like none other

Introducing the all-new Golf R - featuring everything you've come to expect from the Golf, and more. Sheer driving enjoyment aside, the Golf R delivers a masterclass of pure performance in a humble hatchback. Our fastest-ever, you can expect dynamic handling, exhilaration and excitement every time you get behind the wheel.


A drive to match yours

The art of performance driving truly comes to life in the Golf R. Inspired by motorsports, this haute hatch is ready to take on the roads with ease from the moment you strap in.

Always with all-wheel drive, always highly dynamic, always with particularly exclusive design and equipment, always a technological benchmark of its class - the Golf class.

It's an R thing

Built for your driving pleasure, the Golf R features modern engine technology characterised by economy, high torque and power. 

It raises the bar once again to bring you an experience you won't be able to get enough of.

What's next

R you ready to make one yours?

Jump in the driver’s seat.

Get your hands on the Golf R brochure

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