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The Caddy 5

100% new
And still 100% Caddy

100% new
And still 100% Caddy

The Caddy 5

100% new
And still 100% Caddy

Business as usual

Featuring a sleek new aerodynamic look, the Caddy 5 is more comfortable and capable than ever, with Volkswagen's latest modular platform. It also comes with a new higher and wider rear loading bay to handle Euro pallets widthways for the first time.

A driving force to be reckoned with

Whether you're downtown or at a worksite, you need a ride that adapts to all situations.  That's the Caddy 5.


Compact but mighty

Beneath its sleek, aerodynamic look, the Caddy 5 packs a punch with a 2.0L TDI engine with 320 Nm of torque and 122 PS of power. So, even if you're transporting heavy loads, you'll still enjoy a smooth and efficient drive whether you're on the streets in town or along the expressway.

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Powerful 2.0L TDI engine

Featuring the most efficient and economical TDI engine ever installed in a Caddy.

7-speed dual-clutch gearbox

Equipped for fully automatic gear changes without any interruption in traction.

Improved emission control

Innovative twin dosing reduces the NOx emissions of TDI engines.

Keeping you safe on the roads

This workhorse knows the importance of keeping your cargo and you safe, and you can count on it to complete the journey with ease.


Safe and sound all the way

For peace of mind whenever you take to the roads, the Caddy 5 comes with state-of-the-art safety features such as Traction Control System, and Park Distance Control, in addition to the standard ABS and ESC.

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Traction Control System

Prevents wheelspin on poor or unstable surfaces.

Park Distance Control

Warns you when you're getting too close to something while manoeuvring in and out of tight parking spots to prevent minor damage.


Work on the go

Need to settle work matters but nowhere near the office? Make the Caddy 5 your office.

Mobile office

A workstation at your beck and call

The versatility of the front passenger seat and other helpful features in the load compartment make it easy for you to manage work tasks and surprises wherever you are.

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Lashing eyes

Optimised for safely securing loads with six lashing eyes in the load compartment of the Caddy and eight in the Caddy Maxi.

LED load compartment lighting

Provides improved illumination of the entire load compartment with energy-saving LED technology to protect the vehicle battery.


Ready for any challenge

No task is too tough for the Caddy 5. Its rugged and purposeful build makes it the ideal partner to help you tackle everything at work head on with ease.

Built for work

Practically optimised for work

With its build quality and careful selection of quality materials primed for the rigours of work, you can be sure it will go the distance with you.

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High payload

High payload of up to 750kg for the Caddy Maxi makes it easier to move more cargo at one go.

High roof load

Accommodate up to 100kg on top with the optional roof rails and roof bars.

Rubber floor

Non-slip covering is safer to walk on and can be easily washed in the event of dirt or spillages.

100% new and still 100% Caddy

Technical specifications summary

Need a workhorse that doubles up as a mobile office? The Caddy 5 has you covered.


Ready to make the Caddy 5 yours?

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