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More than meets the eye. The Touareg


Discover sublime comfort and next generation technology in a premium SUV built to break new grounds. With an athletic design and assertive front profile, the Touareg raises the bar with quality craftsmanship and impressive specifications.

The Touareg has many highlights.
Here are three at a glance:

Innovision Cockpit

Impressively intuitive technology


Other infotainment highlights

Luxurious Interior

Sit back and relax with ambient lighting


Other interior highlights

3.0 TSI Engine and Air Suspension

Smooth performance on any terrain


Other technology highlights


No matter what angle it's viewed from, the Touareg makes a bold statement - this is a vehicle that looks as good as it performs.


Style redefined

Every last detail of the Touareg will win you over with its clean contours, dynamic proportions and assertive confidence. The front end features an impressive radiator grille, while eye-catching bumpers complete the SUV's striking look. 

IQ.Light LED matrix headlights

Light up the night

'IQ.Light' LED matrix headlights with intelligent light modes and Dynamic Light Assist provide greater illumination without dazzling oncoming drivers. The striking design blends seamlessly into the chromed solid grille to give an unmistakable presence.

Hands-free boot

Makes life even more convenient

When approaching the boot with a heavy object there's no longer any need to set it down and search for the keys at the bottom of your bag. With the Easy Open boot, simply make a slight kicking action beneath the rear of the boot and the lid automatically opens. The keyless access sensor will always recognise you if you have the keys in your possession.

Panoramic sunroof

Enjoy the views

Slide open the panoramic sunroof to get some fresh air in the cabin, or leave it closed and enjoy the extra light that streams in. A sliding sunshade keeps the interior of the Touareg cool, even on the hottest days.

Dynamic turn signal

Head turning style

Make a statement with the distinct signature of the LED rear lights with dynamic turn signals. The light strips move in a sequential fluid motion to indicate the direction in which you are going to turn.


Featuring futuristic design touches and luxurious finishes, the Touareg makes every ride so much more comfortable and delightful.


Discover beauty within

The interior of the Touareg has been carefully crafted to deliver total comfort for you and your passengers. Experience a new sense of space as luxurious design meets exceptional functionality.

ergoComfort seat

Sit more comfortably

The Touareg comes with comfortable, back-friendly seats - thanks to the ergoComfort design. A vast array of adjustment options allow you to adopt an ergonomically supported seating position and take the strain off your back. A memory function for the front seats ensures you get the perfect seating angle, every time.

Massage function and adjustable lumbar support

Technologically advanced luxury

The front seats of the Touareg offer eight different massage patterns created by ten air cushions, to help you arrive at your destination feeling fresh and relaxed. The pneumatically-adjustable lumbar support provides relief for the back muscles too, giving you a relaxing drive every time you hit the road.

Active climate front seats

Keeps you comfortably cool

The Touareg keeps you comfortable even on hot days with a choice of three separate ventilation settings for the driver and front passenger. 

Interior ambient lighting

Colour your mood

Set the right tone for every journey with ambient lighting in 30 different colours. White lighting in the front footwell, door sill protectors, and light strips below the trim in the doors and dashboard gives the Touareg the perfect atmosphere for every drive. 

Keyless entry

No more searching for the key

Simply carry your car key in your pocket and the KESSY keyless system will detect the key from approximately 1.5 metres away. Unlock the doors and rear lid as soon as you slide your hand into the handle of one of the front doors. Once you're inside, simply press the start button and drive away.

Air Care Climatronic

Intelligent climate control

Keep the temperature just right with four independently controlled temperature zones for the driver, front passenger and rear passengers. An active biogenic filter keeps allergens away, and an automatic air recirculation mode improves air quality in the car. 

See the Touareg for yourself


Get futuristic with the Touareg's revolutionary Innovision Cockpit.

Discover premium

Futuristic innovation

The Innovision Cockpit consists of the Discover Premium infotainment system that features a glorious 15-inch screen and 12.3-inch Digital Cockpit. Together, they provide an ergonomically optimised display that puts everything you need within reach. It does away with buttons, knobs and dials, using just the power of your touch, gesture and voice to control your car. You can customise it just like a smartphone, and put your apps and information within easy reach.

Head-up display

Everything at a glance

At the touch of a button, the head-up display projects all the important information you need directly onto the windscreen. This allows you to check the speed, warnings and navigation information without having to take your eyes off the road.


Connect seamlessly

Simply connect your Apple or Android smartphone to the Composition Media system via USB to put selected apps at your fingertips, allowing you to listen to your favorite music, use your phone or check the latest news and journey information. It's that simple to stay connected on every trip.

DYNAUDIO consequence

Surrounded by high-end sound

Experience a consummate listening experience with DYNAUDIO, the premier Danish manufacturer of high-end speakers. The DYNAUDIO Consequence sound system is precisely tuned to the interior, with 13 speakers including a centre speaker and subwoofer delivering an extraordinary listening experience. It produces its highly distinctive sound thanks to its 730W of power and the 16-channel digital amplifier.

Assistance systems

The Touareg features intelligent safety systems to help you deal with critical situations well or even avoid them. 

Traffic Jam Assist

Stress-free driving

Traffic Jam Assist enables the Touareg to drive semi-autonomously in the event of a traffic jam. The system can detect and respond to moving obstacles, automatically taking over the steering, acceleration and braking functions.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Everything under control

To help avoid accidents, the intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control system keeps you at a safe distance from the vehicle in front while maintaining cruise speed.

Front Assist

Your second pair of eyes

Take the stress out of unexpected situations with Front Assist on the Touareg. When a possible collision is detected, the system lets you know with an acoustic and visual warning and prepares the car for emergency braking. If you don't react in time, City Emergency Braking steps in to slow the car down, with the aim of fully avoiding a collision or reducing its impact.

Side Assist

Always on the lookout

When changing lanes the Touareg has your back, literally. Radar sensors in the rear of the car detect other vehicles behind you, including in your blind spot, and will warn you via a warning light in the side mirror housing. The additional Rear Traffic Alert system also gives you an audible warning if it detects another vehicle as you reverse out of a parking space. In an emergency, the system will even brake the vehicle to help you avoid an accident.

Lane Assist

Stay safely in your lane

Like a friendly co-driver, the Lane Assist system stops your car from drifting out of its lane, reducing the chance of an accident and making journeys much safer. The system senses if your car is drifting out of your driving lane and gently counter-steers the car back on line.

Park Assist

Anyone can park

With Park Assist on board, you can leave the parking to your Touareg. It helps you move in and out of tight parallel parking spaces with ease, and can also handle parking in perpendicular spaces in multiple manoeuvres.

Parking sensors & camera

Keeps an eye on your safety

The Parking Distance Warning System makes parking a lot safer with sensors in the front and rear that sound audible signals to warn you of an imminent collision. With the Rear View Camera, you can see what's behind you on the dashboard Infotainment screen, with overlay guidelines to help you easily judge your distance from obstacles.


The Touareg lets you have fun at the wheel with efficient drive systems and innovative technologies designed for everyday life.

Turbocharged TSI engine

Remarkably powerful

The Touareg has been built to be driven and enjoyed. It features a 3.0L turbocharged TSI engine capable of providing an impressive power delivery and efficiency.

4-corner air suspension

Riding on air

The Touareg uses air suspension to ensure ultimate driving comfort on every trip. It adapts the height of the car to all terrains, with a choice of Normal, Comfort, Off-road, and Special Off-road driving profiles. The car can also be raised to provide more ground clearance or lowered to make loading and unloading easier.

All-wheel steering

Total control

Driving and cornering just got a whole lot easier, thanks to the Touareg's all-wheel steering. At low speeds, the technology reduces the turning circle to make parking and U-turns easier. When your vehicle picks up speed, the increased stability lets you drive more dynamically and safely with increased agility.


Ready for anything

The permanent 4MOTION four-wheel drive distributes the engine's power to all four wheels as required. This prevents wheelspin and locking, and helps the Touareg gain traction on virtually any surface. 

Servicing and warranty

Every Volkswagen model comes with the following coverage.

Here at Volkswagen, you can be assured of our service quality.

For every service appointment, receive a confirmation date within 2 working days*. Our Aftersales package also include:

  • 5-year warranty
  • 3-year servicing
  • 5-year 24-hr Volkswagen Roadside Assistance

*Conditions apply.

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