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10.5.2024 Volkswagen Singapore officially launched the highly anticipated ID.4 and ID.5 range at Volkswagen Electric City

Don't miss out on securing the ID.4 and ID.5, starting at $222,900 and $232,900 respectively. And for the electric thrill seekers, discover more about their GTX counterparts here.

Singapore - Volkswagen Singapore is pleased to announce the official start of sales for the highly anticipated ID.4 and ID.5 electric vehicle (EV) series. Prospective buyers can secure their units now, with prices of the ID.4 starting at $222,900, the dynamic ID.4 GTX at $242,900, the contemporary ID.5 at $232,900, and the high-performance ID.5 GTX at $252,900.

ID.4: 100% SUV, 100% electric

Introducing the ID.4, Volkswagen's pioneering fully electric SUV, committed to zero local emissions. With its 77-kWh battery, the ID.4 offers an impressive range of up to 550 km (WLTP), Establishing itself as a frontrunner in its class. Positioned strategically beneath the passenger compartment, the battery ensures a low centre of gravity, complemented by a rear axle electric drive motor generating 210 kW (286 PS). With a maximum 135 kW charging capacity, the ID.4 Pro achieves a rapid 10% - 80% recharge in just 33 minutes.

Crafted on the modular electric drive matrix (MEB) architecture, the ID.4 Pro prioritises interior space while seamlessly integrating style with function. Its exterior showcases athletic proportions and a sleek drag coefficient of 0.28, delivering both performance and efficiency.

Elevating its aesthetic appeal, the ID.4 design package features IQ.LIGHT with LED matrix headlights, reminiscent of human eyes, linked by a striking light strip. Further enhancing its allure are the innovative 3D LED taillight clusters, casting a sculpted effect.

Inside, the compact e-SUV offers generous space with short overhangs and a length of 4,584 millimetres, complemented by a wheelbase of 2,771 millimetres. Beneath the passenger compartment lies the high-voltage battery, while the electric drive motor and associated components are discreetly housed on the rear axle, ensuring efficient use of space. With a luggage compartment volume of 543 litres (expanding to 1,575 litres with folded backrests), the ID.4 is ready for every adventure. Standard roof railings support a permitted roof load of 75 kilograms.

Anticipated deliveries for the ID.4 are scheduled for May 2024, offering options in seven contemporary colours.

ID.4 GTX: Dynamic driving, athletic design

Sharing the same 77-kWh battery, the ID.4 GTX delivers an impressive range of up to 515 km, with a rapid 26-minute recharge from 10% to 80%. It stands out with dual electric drive motors, boasting a combined 250 kW (340 PS) power output, making it the first in the ID. family to feature electric all-wheel drive.

The 4.58-metre-long ID.4 GTX sits on the road with a powerful and confident appearance. Its modern design combines the powerful nature of an SUV with advanced aerodynamics - its drag coefficient is just 0.29. Alongside the flowing lines of the basic body shape, a number of detailed solutions help to create this outstanding result. These range from the electric radiator blind in the vehicle front end and the flush door handles to the sculpted taillight clusters.

Both the ID.4 and ID.4 GTX prioritise safety with an array of advanced systems designed to provide peace of mind on the road. Equipped with Side Assist with Rear Traffic Alert, Park Assist Plus with Park Distance Control, Area View, and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), these vehicles offer heightened awareness of their surroundings. 

Additional features such as Lane Assist, Emergency Assist, and the Driver Alert System contribute to enhanced driver assistance and collision avoidance. With the Proactive Passenger Protective system and Front Assist with City Emergency Braking, safety is paramount from every angle, ensuring a secure driving experience for occupants.

Available in six distinct colours, it exudes style and performance synonymous with Volkswagen's GTX models.

ID.5: The electric SUV coupé

The ID.5 series combines expressive design with a lounge-style spaciousness, boasting a sleek and modern aesthetic that marries aerodynamic lines with distinctive styling cues across its variants. Short overhangs further enhance its emotional coupé design.

Like the ID.4 series, the ID.5 sits on Volkswagen's MEB architecture, running on a 77-kWh battery and a rear-mounted electric drive motor with 210 kW (286 PS). With an exceptional range of up to 556 km (WLTP) and a lower drag coefficient of 0.26 (or 0.27 in the ID.5 GTX), the ID.5 Pro maintains versatility and flexibility despite its dramatic roofline.

The high front underlines the e-SUV coupé's robust power, while the flat angle of the A-pillars, which have been pulled forwards, adds a new, elegant flow to the roof line - this stretches out close to the body and runs into the extended D-pillars. The athletic shoulder lines make for a powerful, exciting effect. At the rear, horizontal lines emphasise the width, with the full-length lighting strip having a particularly powerful effect.

Getting in the ID.5 is easy, and visibility is ideal because the driver and the passengers - particularly those in the rear - sit comfortably high up. The front seats are equipped with armrests on the inside, which can be individually and flexibly adjusted to the driver and front passenger. In between the two armrests, there is the long centre console, which is particularly versatile. For instance, the customer can individually select the position of the drink holder.

While the vehicle is moving, noise levels are very low - the e-SUV coupé unlocks its power almost silently. One reason for this is its sophisticated aero-acoustic concept, while the complex insulating measures in the body are another. Innovative technologies reduce the weight, such as the side sills, which are made from a composite of aluminium and ultra-high-strength steel.

In its basic dimensions, the volume of the ID.5's luggage compartment is 549 litres, making it slightly bigger than the ID.4. When the rear seat backrests are folded down, the volume reaches 1,561 litres when loaded to roof height.

ID.5 GTX: Power meets elegance

The ID.5 GTX, equipped with a dual-motor all-wheel drive system and a long-distance-capable battery, delivers a maximum power of up to 250 kW (340 PS) and a range of up to 533 km. Quick recharging from 10% to 80% in 26 minutes is possible with a maximum charging power of 175 kW.

The intelligent control system for the dual-motor all-wheel drive in the ID.5 GTX always aims to achieve the optimum in efficiency, dynamics, and ride stability.

In many situations, the drive motor on the rear axle is able to power the vehicle all by itself. As soon as the driver wants to shift to a sportier style or needs more traction, the asynchronous motor (ASM) on the front axle is activated. This takes place in just a few fractions of a second and so smoothly that it is unnoticeable for the driver.

Nimble in the city, agile on rural roads, laid back and quiet on the motorway, the ID.5 and ID.5 GTX are sporty all-rounders that deliver a confident and safe ride experience. The lithium-ion battery, which is located under the passenger compartment, ensures a low centre of gravity and equal distribution of the axle loads.

Both the ID.5 Pro and ID.5 GTX feature a comprehensive suite of advanced safety systems to ensure a secure driving experience. Side Assist with Rear Traffic Alert enhances awareness by monitoring blind spots and detecting approaching vehicles from the rear, while Park Assist Plus with Park Distance Control aids in effortless parking manoeuvres by providing guidance and warnings of nearby obstacles. The Area View feature offers a 360-degree perspective of the vehicle's surroundings, further enhancing visibility.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) maintains a safe distance from vehicles ahead, automatically adjusting speed to traffic conditions. Lane Assist helps keep the vehicle centred in its lane, while Emergency Assist intervenes if the driver becomes unresponsive, guiding the vehicle to a safe stop. The Proactive Passenger Protective System anticipates potential collisions, pre-tensioning seatbelts and closing windows in preparation. Front Assist with City Emergency Braking provides additional protection by automatically applying brakes in emergency situations.

Finally, the Driver Alert System continuously monitors driver attentiveness, issuing alerts if signs of fatigue or distraction are detected. Together, these systems prioritise safety from every angle, ensuring peace of mind on the road.

The powerful and elegant design of both the ID.5 and ID.5 GTX is offered in a palette of six distinctive colours each.

Enhanced post-purchase support and exclusive launch package

As part of the package, ID.4 and ID.5 customers enjoy five years of complimentary servicing and roadside assistance, five years of vehicle warranty, and eight years of battery warranty.

Additionally, customers have the option to choose between an AC charger with installation or 18 months of mobile charging subscription valued at $4,000. The package also includes advanced connectivity features for real-time vehicle status monitoring, service booking, and remote access to car data through a user-friendly interface. Customers trading in their old petrol-powered vehicles for an ID. also qualify for a trade-in bonus of $4,000.

For more information, please visit To place an order for the ID.4 or ID.5 range, please visit

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